Healing from Intergenerational and Cultural Trauma: Lessons from ‘Beef’ on Netflix

Growing up as an Asian American, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of intergenerational trauma on mental health. My parents and grandparents experienced significant trauma in their lives, and it’s something that has been passed down through the generations. Watching “Beef” was a powerful experience for me, as it shed light on the complexity of Asian American family dynamics and how they relate to mental health. The show tackles tough issues head-on, from the pressures of the model minority myth to the struggle to balance cultural identity and personal desires. As a therapist, I understand the importance of creating a safe space for clients to explore their emotions and experiences. I appreciate how “Beef” provides a platform for these conversations in the Asian American community and beyond. This show is a fantastic watch and a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the impact of intergenerational trauma on mental health.

Taylor Swift, Mental Health, and the Human Experience

Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the most popular musicians at this moment, with a massive following that spans different ages, genders, and cultures. One of the primary reasons for her appeal is her relatable lyrics. Her songs often center around common themes that many people experience, such as heartbreak, self-discovery, and growing up. ThroughContinue reading “Taylor Swift, Mental Health, and the Human Experience”

Updates and My Plans for 2023

As I was making my coffee this morning, I realized that I haven’t blogged since 2022! And as the perfectionist that I am, of course, I started to panic about the things I should blog about. After sitting with my anxiety, I recognized that the reason I hadn’t blogged all year was that I wasContinue reading “Updates and My Plans for 2023”

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