A Sensory-Sensitive Holiday

For most of us, the holidays bring joy and laughter. For children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or sensory needs, the holidays can be an absolute nightmare! A child with SPD will have trouble receiving information that is coming through their 5 senses (or 6! if we count movement). Their brain becomes overwhelmed with processing all this information at once, which eventually leads to a giant meltdown. Children diagnosed with Autism or ADHD often have sensory processing issues; however, it can affect anybody! The shopping, the crowds, the lights, the never-ending Christmas tunes, and the strange visitors you haven’t seen in a long while…all extremely overwhelming!

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Depression in Children and Teens

Depression is not just an adult mental health issue. Children and teens can develop depression too…it just looks slightly different.  Sometimes adults assume that children or teens can’t be depressed because they don’t have adult responsibilities. This is actually a myth about depression in general.

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Back to School Post Covid-19: College Students

Welcome to the third and final part in my back-to-school series. This week, I will be focusing on college students. It has been an unfortunate year for all college students. Many Freshman students did not get to enjoy their full college experience, with some starting college completely virtual and others coming home abruptly after their first semester. Students who have been in college have found difficulty adjusting to living back at home with their parents and have had academic challenges from virtual learning. Now that in-person learning is a possibility again, it is only natural to feel both excitement and worry about what is to come. Below are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for going back to school this Summer or Fall.

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