Back to School Post Covid-19: Teens

Teens have had a really rough year! I actually wrote a blog post on Covid-19 blues in teens a while back because they have had it so rough, and there wasn’t enough information out there yet on this phenomenon. Virtual learning not only impacted their academics, but it may have also affected their social and emotional wellbeing. Those who used to have a group of friends, might be worried whether things will be the same.  Some might have even fallen out with their previous group during quarantine. Online learning has also made it easier to slack off on some assignments, so becoming disciplined once again will be rough. Though exciting, the transition can also come with more stress and anxiety for a lot of teens.  Here are some tips that I have shared with parents on how to support their teens.

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Back to School Post Covid-19: Children

Welcome to my three-part blog series on returning back to school. This week, I’ll be discussing ways to help your child transition back to school both physically and emotionally.  It has been a long year for both parents and children! Usually, back-to-school transitions mean shopping for new clothes and supplies, establishing routines, and managing both excitement and fear. This fall, transition can mean more stress and anxiety because of the shift from virtual schooling to in-person schooling.  Here are some tips that I have shared with parents on how to support their children.

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A Word on Violence Against Asians

On Tuesday, March 16, eight people were shot and killed in targeted attacks in massage parlors in Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian and seven of the victims were women. To be honest, I had been tuning out of current events lately from emotional exhaustion. I try to stay on top of recent news as much as possible in order to be present for my clients throughout this pandemic. But time and time again, we have had so much sadness and hatred that I have found myself needing a break. On Wednesday night, as I was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I received texts from caring friends asking if I was okay. Confused, I turned and asked my husband if something against Asians had happened recently as I have been tuning out social media and news networks. Strangely, I somehow knew that my friends were referencing something that had to do with race even though their texts didn’t state anything specific. I then replied with, “Oh”, and didn’t say anything further. It was as if my mind and body was numb to all the hate crimes that have been occurring since the start of the pandemic. This shooting isn’t something new.

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