Teaching Children to Build Self-Compassion

Many of my clients, regardless of age, know by now that I am big supporter of developing self-compassion. Self-compassion may seem like self-esteem, but the two are actually different. Self-esteem is based on how different we are from others and how much we like ourselves. Self-esteem teaches us that we should be above average in order to feel good about ourselves, and that it is not okay to be just like everybody else. For many perfectionists and highly anxious individuals out there like myself, trying to achieve greatness could lead us down a problematic path.

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COVID-19 Blues in Teens

The year is 2021, yet we are still facing disruptions from the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. For some of us, myself included, our lives have not changed as drastically. Teens in particular have had major disruptions to their lives and routines. Because of their stage of development, teens have had a harder time adjusting to the changes in their lives than children and adults.

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