Updates and My Plans for 2023

As I was making my coffee this morning, I realized that I haven’t blogged since 2022! And as the perfectionist that I am, of course, I started to panic about the things I should blog about. After sitting with my anxiety, I recognized that the reason I hadn’t blogged all year was that I was so busy with life. So here’s to me practicing self-compassion! Here are the updates from last year and what my plans are for this year.

Moving to Hawaii

I want to thank all my clients and colleagues who have stuck with me through my life transitions in 2022. In February of 2022, we received news that my husband would be PCS-ing to Oahu, Hawaii. Although our move didn’t take place until September, we didn’t expect the moving process to take so much emotional, mental, and physical energy. The move was a success on all fronts—business and personal. And it was the best decision we have made! I have spent the latter part of 2022 transitioning my business to Hawaii, establishing my network here, and learning to assimilate into a new environment. The perfectionist in me absolutely needed the change. While I loved San Diego, being in a big city had a larger effect on my perfectionism than I had realized. Suddenly, I found myself spending more time in nature, being present, and focusing on the simpler joys in life. There was no longer an urge to do more, to be more, and to have more while comparing myself to others.

Onwards to 2023

Now that I am refreshed and settled in our new home, I have been able to work on projects that have been wanting to do. The most fun of them all is finally creating a TikTok account! My friends have been trying to get me to join TikTok for a while, but I never found the energy to do so. It’s been a great way to reach more people and spread mental health awareness. Specifically, within my niche of autism, ADHD, neurodiversity, and perfectionism.

I’ve also been recording the next season for a podcast I am co-hosting with my best friend (@burningthecouch). We took a hiatus from recording and are so excited to revamp our brand. Lastly, I am hoping that I can do more in the field than clinical work. I’m not quite sure what that might look like just yet. I am hoping that in 2023, I can further mental health awareness and educate others beyond my clinical caseload. If you’re interested in what I have to offer, I would love for you to follow me on my journey!

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